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Brightminds code pls

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twolittledarlings Sun 22-Nov-09 13:33:07


Does anyone have a Brightminds discount code or free delivery code pls?

I want to order over £100+ toys and would be very grateful to save on the postage or other discounts.

thank you

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Bucharest Sun 22-Nov-09 14:47:43

Never seen one, but I have seen a lot of the stuff they do cheaper elsewhere- argos etc.

iheartdusty Mon 23-Nov-09 21:53:05

yes I agree, worth checking amazon, argos, John Lewis etc

twolittledarlings Mon 23-Nov-09 21:59:08

Thank you for all your response.

I did check on Amazon and got a £35 toy for £25. However, the other 4 items are only available on Brightminds

So I phoned them today and asked them for a code and they gave me G27-L2V for 10% off so I saved other £7 which is brill as I had to pay £5 postage.

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iheartdusty Mon 23-Nov-09 22:20:51

what did you get? <nosey>

stealthsquiggle Mon 23-Nov-09 22:27:01

You found stuff which only they have? - well done! I have always found everything I wanted from there cheaper elsewhere (DS wrote his birthday list from the BM catalogue, I transcribed it into an Amazon wishlist grin)

twolittledarlings Tue 24-Nov-09 23:16:52

Hello iheartdusty

For your info, I ordered the Franklin LWB1216 Childrens Dictionary & Spellchecker on Amazon for £25 includ. postage whereas in Brightminds, they had it for £35. I checked the Franklin's website and everything is the same on there.

However, from Brightminds I ordered the Anatomix game ( game of anatomy) and also the Anatomy model (my girls are nearly 6 and 8, I thought maybe they need to learn a little bit of science as I have never done Biology at school so hopefully may get them interested in this subject - a head start?)

Also, I ordered the slides and stairs game (cannot find this anywhere else) (this is a game re times tables as I really want my 8 year old to know her times table upto 12 asap. I learnt that when I was 8 however, after speaking to her teacher, apparently in Year 3 they start to learn 3 and 4 only. (which think is a bit slow) so hopefully this will help. Have got a lot of other times table games. Just need to find the time to play with her.

Also finally, I ordered the See n Solve Visual Calculator which I think is really great. Is cheaper in Amazon however not so after adding on postage.

T xx

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iheartdusty Wed 25-Nov-09 15:10:54

thanks for posting - looks excellent smile

sherbsy Thu 22-Aug-13 09:28:27

tbh I bought from them a few years ago and everything broke in no time. dull plasticy toys that took weeks to arrive.

it all looked great on the website but the reality was just disappointing.

Bunnykin Sun 18-Mar-18 13:32:28

Does anyone have a Bright Minds code please? Thank you.

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