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New - Daily Mirror/Record more Lego toys to collect from this Saturday

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anotherbook Fri 23-Oct-09 21:21:42

List of toys:

Saturday 24/10/09 - City fire truck

Sunday 25/10/09 - City doctors car

Monday 26/10/09 - City Farmer and tractor

Tuesday 27/10/09 - Creator lizard

Wednesday 28/10/09 - City stem roller

Thursday 29/10/09 - Creator cargo chopper

Friday 30/10/09 - Creator shark

Saturday 31/10/09 - City police boat

Sunday 01/11/09 - City police 4x4

Monday 02/11/09 - Creator stegasaurus

Tuesday 03/11/09 - Racers off road racer

Wednesday 04/11/09 - Creator jeep

Thursday 05/11/09 - Collectors box

Friday 06/11/09 - Playmat

Same as lego star wars earlier in the year.Ideal stocking fillers.

mummyandbaby Sat 24-Oct-09 12:19:40

Thanks. Have sent my DH out to WH Smiths. Can also collect 7 vouchers and send cheque for £8.99 for whole set.

Spotted this in the paper today. Am going to collect tokens to send off. Hope i don't need weekends paper?

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