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£50 off an £150 spend at my-wardrobe

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SqueezyCheese Thu 17-Sep-09 12:58:54

JDU718 is the code smile

Vesta1 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:22:37

oooo, thank you thank you SqueezyCheese, do you know when it expires?

SqueezyCheese Thu 17-Sep-09 13:59:18

It says on the email it is valid for two weeks and the email came through this morning so I reckon it's valid till 1st October.

busymummy77 Mon 21-Sep-09 13:51:58

Do you know if the Uggs on my-wardrobe are originals? x

rosie17 Wed 23-Sep-09 16:04:45

Wow, thanks squeezychesse x

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