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ELC discount vouchers

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gibba8 Sat 05-Sep-09 20:25:38

Does anyone know where I can get a 20% off voucher to use in store. Thanks

laneyjay Sun 06-Sep-09 13:00:37

print this off

gibba8 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:53:08

Thanks laneyjay.

ADealingMummy Wed 16-Sep-09 15:28:31

Thanks Laney Jay , just used it today .

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 21-Sep-09 19:19:45

How odd. It won't let me use that online code today - says that it hasn't been recognised.

stressed2007 Mon 21-Sep-09 21:13:26

go back into the link and see if the voucher has been updated i.e. the code has changed?

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 21-Sep-09 21:38:57

Thanks stressed - i just guessed at a code in the end, and BC1009 works (although I've now changed my mind about a lot of stuff in the order, so haven't placed it anyway!).

cyanarasamba Wed 30-Sep-09 22:04:47

Just a quick question for you ELC customers -I am after the Big City Garage which is normally exempt from the discount as you get some rubbish free cars with it.

The first review on the website I read said that they had been able to choose not to get the freebie instore and get 20% off instead. Anyone else had any luck with this??

MrsToffeeCrisp Fri 02-Oct-09 10:28:03

I bought the garage last year from instead of ELC, so I didnt get the free cars but got in as part of Boots' 3for2 deal instead. Worked out better for me.

MrsToffeeCrisp Fri 02-Oct-09 13:14:24

Thanks cantsleep, just used your code and it worked for me!

cherrymonster Sat 03-Oct-09 13:19:16

fab! worked for me too, just used to get stocking fillers for dc's

bunjies Thu 08-Oct-09 13:19:10

Thank you so much for the BC1009 code. Just got 20% off a £100 order grin

emmyvic Wed 21-Oct-09 22:48:28

Cool the code below still works grin - thanks !

LentilsRMe Thu 22-Oct-09 23:11:30

This is their October birthday club code and I think if you change the 10 to 11 and then 12 etc as you go through the year you will always get the 20% off.....

(Not terribly sophisticated)

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