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anyone have any additions codes for existing customer please??

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nicolamumof3 Sat 25-Jul-09 13:50:30

tia xx

johnworf Sat 25-Jul-09 20:12:42

I hear that these codes have been tightened up by Additions. Also, passing on codes has been looked at by them and they've threatened legal action for either passing on codes or using codes not given to the person using it.


nicolamumof3 Sat 25-Jul-09 20:14:17


johnworf Sat 25-Jul-09 20:18:01

I've got this code:


Not sure if it's expired though. It's for 15%.


johnworf Sat 25-Jul-09 20:18:14

Sorry, it's for 15% off!

nicolamumof3 Sat 25-Jul-09 21:43:29

Thanks smile

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