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good prices for mini micro scooter please, if you have one is the 2 or 3 wheel best for a 5 year old new to them?

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mummyeme Thu 16-Jul-09 10:25:51


eandh Thu 16-Jul-09 12:14:52

dd1 will be 5 in september and we ar e getting her a 2 wheel one (shes had a 3 wheel one for about 18months but dd2 loves it and they squabble hence dd1 getting a new one and dd2 inheriting the old one) getting it form argos as its £9.99 but in the 2 for £15 promotion so will get something else to go with it)

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 16-Jul-09 12:29:44

DS2 just turned 5 and we got the 3 wheeled microscooter for him.

His balance is quite bad, he couldn't get on with one of the cheaper 3 wheel scooters and as for a 2 wheel scooter, no chance. He gets on great with the micro scooter though, he can balance much better and they go quite fast.

DS1 on the other hand got on fine with a cheaper scooter and now races along on 2 wheels, has done since he was 5 (he's 6.9 now).

mummyeme Thu 16-Jul-09 16:33:36

Thanks for all your help

Posey Thu 16-Jul-09 16:36:29

Ds is 6 and loved his 3 wheel micro scooter. Now too small, have tried bog-standard 2 wheelers and he really doesn't like them. So have just ordered the maxi-micro, whch is much more grown-up looking but still has 3 wheels.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 16-Jul-09 19:18:43

The maxi microscooter is the one we bought too Posey. It was very expensive but I figured that DS2 will be able to use it for the next few years.

IKnowWhoYouAre Thu 16-Jul-09 23:25:35

The 3 wheeled ones have some new bright colours coming out soon, so you might find that the original ones get reduced

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