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Centerparcs 2010

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lynniep Tue 14-Jul-09 08:49:17

Anyone found any codes for next year?

I'm thinking no, but got to have a last ditch attempt!!

clayre Tue 14-Jul-09 08:52:11

I dont think they are doing codes anymore, we've just got back and they havent sent us a discount code for rebooking next year, usually its in your email box before you get home.

mel2005 Tue 14-Jul-09 11:21:12

hi, we went a few weeks ago and had a code for £25 activity voucher, free insurance and guaranteed lowest price but you had to book within 28 days. we booked again and they said that if the price goes down we will get it at the cheaper price.
before i booked, i tried every code i could find on the internet (about 25!!) and it made no difference to the price.
our last one we got a midweek break in 4 bed comfort+ for £419. booked on the day we arrived so very last minute(as its only 25 miles away!!) it was cheaper for a 4 bed than a 2 bed. next time we will have to have a 2 bed as it was £200 difference but we booked for a whole week this time.
we took the bbq so didnt eat out much (to save money) and got £50 activity vouchers as the rapids were closed.
i must say its perfect for us because you could be anywhere in the country and its the same, so it doesnt matter we are so close to home. but it also means that DH can take his van with all the bikes in and we can always pop home if we forget anything. i had never been before and i loved that there were no cars (except changeover day) so the kids could hapily bike around. we also have a pashley u+2 tandem tag a long which was fantastic for the older children and next time the twins can go in our bike trailer.
i thought it was a fantastic place for the kids (we have 3 and 4 year olds and 6month old twins). the squirels fighting on the roof did scare me a bit in the middle of the night.
i will keep my eyes open for codes, but i am not sure that the next booking codes will work for other prople as you have to have the old booking number and its booked in the same name.

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