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Ferry crossings - Isle of Wight

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sheeplikessleep Thu 09-Jul-09 15:13:55

any hints / tips to get cheap ferry prices? the prices online seem astronomical!!
thank you.

dinkyboysmum Fri 10-Jul-09 20:05:48

you can use tesco clubcard vouchers for them. i always save mine for wightlink ferries, but you cant use them on promo deals, just full price tickets.
other than that, i agree, prices are high for such a short trip!!

pinkteddy Fri 10-Jul-09 20:07:25

have you booked your accommodation? Some do reduced prices for IOW ferry crossing as part of booking.

CrystalTits Fri 10-Jul-09 20:19:51

You can only use clubcard vouchers for Wightlink (from Portsmouth or Lymington) AFAIK, not Red Funnel from Southampton - which is a bugger as we live about 5 mins from the Red Funnel terminal and love visiting the IOW. Would definitely go more often if it didn't cost us about £50 a trip!

sheeplikessleep Sat 11-Jul-09 10:13:30

thanks for posting.
i'll look into the tesco vouchers, as i think we are due some soon and if i can get them for 25% of the price (aren't the vouchers worth 4x their 'value'?), that would be fab.
we live closer to southampton, but i'll look into that.
thank you so much.
we've booked our accommodation, but i might email them on the offchance.

dietstartstomorrow Sat 11-Jul-09 10:17:19

I used Tesco vouchers - still needed a total of £130 though!

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