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Need a +9mnths carseat - are there any good deals / codes around

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chocolatedays Wed 08-Jul-09 21:20:12

... and any advice on what to get / not to get!

chocolatedays Thu 09-Jul-09 12:35:36

or are there any current Halfords / Mothercare / John Lewis codes?

Thanks again

eeky Tue 21-Jul-09 23:08:39

just got dd a 9m-4y carseat from - lots of discounts, we got #50 off and triple points (worth about 25 quid I think)

chocolatedays Wed 22-Jul-09 13:41:35

Thanks eeky (great name too!)

Which did you go for and are you happy with it?

Amiable Wed 22-Jul-09 14:00:52

no discounts that I know of (try but we have a Britax Ultra 1-2-3. It's not cheap, but bearing in mind it will last until DD no longer needs a car seat, well worth it. she went into it at 10 months so we should get about 10 years wear out of it!

brandonsflower Wed 22-Jul-09 18:15:04

I got mine from babyvalue on ebay ( it was BN)
I paid £18 + postage, it's this one and my DS loves it- it's easy to fit, and makes him sit high enough to see out of the window, which keeps him quiet!

carrielou2007 Thu 23-Jul-09 08:04:54

A second here for Boots, Maxi Cosi Tobi is THE best seat and worth every penny!!!!!

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