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The Sun £9.50 holidays, start collecting again tomorrow - Sat 4th July

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Eddas Fri 03-Jul-09 12:58:37

I had my form in the post todaysmile

kormachameleon Fri 03-Jul-09 13:01:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eddas Fri 03-Jul-09 13:07:37

Yep just buy the paper, you'll need to buy 8 as you need 8 tokens(must be different days) one of the papers will have the form in and a list of the parks(I think the form's normally in tuedays's paper, definately not in the first one like i'd expected when I first did it!), then once you have them all together you just post the form off with your cheque.

When will this lot of holidays be for?

kormachameleon Fri 03-Jul-09 13:49:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thekids Fri 03-Jul-09 14:23:36

Has anyone been to Spain on a sun holiday? if so what prices for travel? Tia

Eddas Fri 03-Jul-09 17:19:05

korma pretty much yes! The paper with the form in will tell you how to do it.

It's for holidays in the autumn so basically Sept-Nov 09

no idea about Spain, i've only ever done a uk one

southeastastra Fri 03-Jul-09 17:27:44

do you have to hang around with loads of sun readers wink?

Eddas Fri 03-Jul-09 18:36:17

yep and all the sun holiday guests have to wear special hats so everyone knows winkgrin

FoJo Fri 03-Jul-09 20:59:07

We've done these a few times and are thinking of one for October half term. They're great value, although the other guests can be a bit (cant quite think how to put it!). I sat in the 'show bar' once cleaning the tab le with wipes and think that I felt like the posh woman in 'Benidorm'. However the kids love it (aged 10 & 7) and the caravans are usually really nice. You can just use it as a base, you dont have to join in!

The daily mail one (caravans from £40-£60, 90 parks throughout UK, both Park Resorts and Haven) is also bookable now. In fact I have the codes here if anybody is interested?:


Book here

DelGirl Sat 04-Jul-09 08:16:12

Thanks for that James, saves alot of time smile. I have managed to book 2 breaks. One for Sept 4th and 1 for Oct 23rd yay. I went on a breakfree weekend last weekend too. 3 nights is just enough at these places I think and dd has a fab time. Thanks again smile

DelGirl Sat 04-Jul-09 08:19:06

The one we went on last week was Pontins, not the best of places but I had to be in the area for something so I thought we may as well. The ones I've managed to book this time are both Haven, gone for the 'luxury' caravan and managed to get Weymouth too which i've never got before. No more searching for mini breaks hoorah.

Eddas Sat 04-Jul-09 09:57:36

Thanks for posting that James, I think I'm gonna book one from there toosmile

tootiredtothink Sat 04-Jul-09 10:42:48

Is anyone else having trouble with the evening mail holiday?

Got very excited at getting the weekend and location I wanted but it won't let me get past the log-in details! Have entered name and details but keeps bumping me back without telling me what I've done wrong sad.

DottyDot Sat 04-Jul-09 16:12:57

I can't get the Mail codes to work either?

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Sat 04-Jul-09 23:21:49

i just got them to work and booked a weekend beginning sept for £60 - thanks am v pleased though a little concerned about what rating of caravan we will end up in as it never said - will it be the ones the dogs are allowed to dump in?

DottyDot Sun 05-Jul-09 08:26:16

Wow - just did it! A weekend in Greenacres for £40!! We went there a few years ago and it's lovely - right on the beach! grin

Thanks Jamesandthegiantbanana - will be a lovely weekend at the end of the summer holiday! smile

Polgara2 Sun 05-Jul-09 08:54:45

Does anyone have a recommendation for one of these resorts in the middle/northish end of the country pretty please? Would love to book one but have no idea which are good or bad!

DottyDot Sun 05-Jul-09 10:00:26

Greenacres is lovely if North Wales isn't too far.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Sun 05-Jul-09 10:09:53

has anyone been on one of these b4 - im new to this - i realise now its extra for passes - do i need these just to use the pool and not the 'entertainment' and what grade of caravan do you get?

aGalChangedHerName Sun 05-Jul-09 10:51:20


edam Sun 05-Jul-09 11:12:52

Thank you James! Just booked Porthmadog for Oct half term - I can show ds all the places I played when I was little and go and pay my respects at family graves (this is not morbid, honest, beautiful graveyard and happy memories). smile

No probs! we're off to Tenby.

ambercat Mon 06-Jul-09 12:21:18

Does anyone have the codes on the tokens so far from the Sun and NotW?

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