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Merlin Annual Pass - cheapest place to buy one?.......

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gingertoo Fri 26-Jun-09 13:45:01

Does anyone know whether you can get a Merlin Annual Pass for less than the advertised price (£400 for a famly ticket)

silverfrog Fri 26-Jun-09 13:47:08

they had a deal on at legoland a couple fo weeks ago - 20% off. Not sure how long it was running htough (and didn't read T&C as already have ours)

SoupDragon Fri 26-Jun-09 13:47:49

Tesco clubcard vouchers I think.

gingertoo Fri 26-Jun-09 15:04:04

Thanks - Hadn't thought about using my clubcard vouchers. I'll go and look and see how many I've got.
I'll check the legoland website and see if the 20% offer is still on.....

Any other ideas?


CarGirl Fri 26-Jun-09 15:06:45

I think if you buy on line there is a 10% discount or that could be through the Tesco site.

CarGirl Fri 26-Jun-09 15:09:06

could be worth buying tesco vouchers off ebay to be converted on your behalf, I think they usually go for twice face value which would still be half price.

gingertoo Fri 26-Jun-09 15:16:09

Can you buy Tesco vouchers on ebay? Didn't know that. Do people sell them at face value or cheaper (I'll go and have a look in a mo)

I've just checked on the Tesco website and you need 37.50 of vouchers for a single Merlin Pass - so I've prob got enough vouchers for 2 passes which is brilliant So need to find a cheap way to get 2 more....

CarGirl Fri 26-Jun-09 21:23:57

Not face value usually 2 x face value but still cheaper than full price!

gingertoo Sat 27-Jun-09 13:46:19

Thanks cargirl

MaryBS Sat 27-Jun-09 14:00:46

Not sure how sensible this idea is, but you can buy 4 legoland passes using your clubcard points, and then upgrade to Merlin passes?

gingertoo Sat 27-Jun-09 14:04:18

Thanks Mary, I'll have a look at their website and see how much that will cost / whether it's possible

MaryBS Sat 27-Jun-09 14:47:53

It IS possible to upgrade from a legoland pass to a Merlin pass - we noticed that a few weeks ago when we redeemed our tesco tokens for legoland

littleducks Sat 27-Jun-09 20:21:00

It IS possible, my dh got a merlin pass from tesco vouchers, i got a legoland pass from clubcard vouchers then upgraded to a merlin

gingertoo Sun 28-Jun-09 11:04:55


stressed2007 Mon 29-Jun-09 15:41:38

How do you upgarde and how much is it? Thanks

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