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Personalised A5 Father's Day Photocard for only 50p delivered valid until midnight 9th June!

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FanjolinaJolie Tue 09-Jun-09 20:30:28

sausagetits Tue 09-Jun-09 20:43:01

Thank you Fangolina, just done it. DP will be very surprised. And I get to look like a great partner too.


sausagetits Tue 09-Jun-09 21:09:44

In fact, I just did three more, one for my dad, one for his Dad and one for my DD's dad. Result x4!

poopscoop Tue 09-Jun-09 21:14:02

I did it last thursday and the card is here today. So it actually works smile

sausagetits Tue 09-Jun-09 21:19:01

That's good poopscoop. But in my enthusiasm to order more and more cards I overlooked a salient point. How do I tell DP not to bother buying his Dad a card without DP realising that I've ordered one for him too, iyswim?

Lilyloo Tue 09-Jun-09 21:19:05

Great bargain thanks!!!

blowbroth Tue 09-Jun-09 22:18:43

Have ordered 2 cards! Really good ,thanks for the link.

Twims Tue 09-Jun-09 22:40:41

Fantastic - thank you

stressed2007 Wed 10-Jun-09 21:01:54

an obvious point but you can use code to order other cards for different occasions too...iorthdays etc

dontdillydally Wed 10-Jun-09 21:10:26

its run out hasnt it now?

SpaceCowGirl Thu 11-Jun-09 12:07:09

This is still running til midnight tonight or tomorrow. I have just done it x

FanjolinaJolie Thu 11-Jun-09 21:39:41

Still running until the 13th June!

FanjolinaJolie Tue 16-Jun-09 20:51:18

Mine came today and it's fab!! DH will be chuffed.

pinkem Tue 16-Jun-09 20:52:50

Got mine really pleased with it, thanks.

MerryPonymum Tue 16-Jun-09 22:48:27

Got mine today and it's lovely, thanks Fanjolina!

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