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Drayton Manor/Thomasland

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Marie12 Tue 19-May-09 15:11:32

Does anyone know of any discount vouchers that can be used for Thomasland? Thanks.

GiraffeAHolic Tue 19-May-09 15:19:09

Tesco clubcard vouchers can exchanged for tickets to Drayton and are worth four times the value

JanieK Wed 20-May-09 09:13:03

I've just booked thomas tickets through tesco and saved a fortune - well worth it!

Marie12 Wed 20-May-09 09:29:07

thanks, I've only got £10 worth of clubcard vouchers this time so that will only get me one token at thomasland!

JanieK Wed 20-May-09 10:56:24

Ask your friends and family and see if they've got any points they'd like to donate? My Mum's giving me her's to get us into somewhere else whilst we're on holiday.

reban Fri 22-May-09 22:24:58

book online if you have to pay as its much cheaper and you get to walk straight through gates instead of waiting in those massive queues!

nappyaddict Sun 31-May-09 21:33:57

They do a parent and under 4s offer in the week for about £15. A 3 year old would love it, 2 year old would depend on the child I think as even in Thomasland some of the rides are quite big. I wouldn't bother if you have any children under 2 as they probably won't enjoy it.

Marie12 Fri 05-Jun-09 10:59:24

Thanks for all your replies! x

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