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tesco clubcard vouchers

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southeastastra Mon 18-May-09 13:37:38

what do you use yours on? i'm a bit annoyed as just realised you can double points for clothing and just bought ds tons of stuff!

what else can i use them on

Fimbo Mon 18-May-09 13:42:24

You can use them at Tesco direct too. I got Mario Kart for the Wii and an extra remote and nunchuk using my vouchers.

Have just ordered Pizza Express vouchers and have Lego vouchers for next week.

MadamAnt Mon 18-May-09 13:46:15

I use them for Pizza Express, and will also probably be getting some Cineworld tickets (although they are "only" half price tickets, so I guess it would be more logical to stick with Pizza Express or other better value deals...I'm undecided). In the past I've used them at Johnson's dry cleaners and Blockbuster video.

bellavita Mon 18-May-09 13:46:20

The double points for clothing is very new though and I am sure it has only started from when the new clubcard brochure came out last week.

We have had a long weekend in London with ours at a 5* hotel, bought wine from the wine club (which is double x the worth of vouchers) been to pizza express a couple of times and we are going to a spa hotel this weekend and have just order some more pizza express vouchers to take with us, Good Food mag subscription.

Fimbo Mon 18-May-09 13:50:20

Bellavita do you find ordering the hotel deals a faff?

Ponders Mon 18-May-09 13:50:35

Yes, the doubling up for Tesco purchases has only started in this latest batch. For clothes & wine it has to be done before Sep 30th.

Things like RAC membership & Eurotunnel are the best value, at 4x face value (but only if you were going to get them anyway).

MsF Mon 18-May-09 13:51:55

we save ours up and use it towards a holiday ...we went to menorca 2 yrs ago....had a posh villa and own pool & hire car... and the clubcard vouchers covered over 1/2 of the cost - without the vouchers we would have not gone abroad.

*to boost your points.... if you shop online... if you google 'tesco voucher codes' will find websites where codes are "extra 500 points when you spend £50" etc.... 500 points = £5= £20 of holiday vouchers.*

MsF Mon 18-May-09 13:52:50

we have used some this year to get the top level RAC breakdown service... excellent!

FrankMustard Mon 18-May-09 13:53:12

I've just doubled mine up for buying nappies and wipes.

bigTillyMint Mon 18-May-09 13:54:39

The hotels thing is a bit of a faff, but well worth it - 4 x face-value of the vouchers.

We had a great time for free at the Hilton in Newport (near Cardiff) - has anyone got any other hotel recommendations as we want to do another freebie in the summer!

horsemadgal Mon 18-May-09 14:51:21

Does anyone know re doubling them up for nappies etc. If I have £7 worth, will I get £14 worth back or just multiples of £5? If I use £5 will they give me £2 one back as my voucher is for £7.
Does that even make sense?

Ponders Mon 18-May-09 14:57:07

Looks like multiples of £5

They will credit the points for the extra £2 back on to your clubcard & you'll get them again next time (or so they say) [cynic]

GiraffeAHolic Mon 18-May-09 15:07:10

We just recieved ours and we have ordered tickts to Disney Princesses on Ice at the O2, tickets for Colchester zoo, and tickets for the sealife sanctuary.

Hoping to put the next lot towards a wii fit grin

cat64 Mon 18-May-09 15:22:12

Message withdrawn

Ponders Mon 18-May-09 15:24:22

Look at partner rewards here, cat (holidays,travel & weekend breaks)

horsemadgal Mon 18-May-09 15:35:15

Thanks Ponders, that'll do fine for me to get them next time, fingers crossed!

Fimbo Mon 18-May-09 16:19:02

Oh dear, just realised I have enough vouchers for Boyzone. I will need to persuade a friend, it would be dh's idea of hell.

Mutt Mon 18-May-09 16:44:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 Mon 18-May-09 21:06:32

Message withdrawn

cat64 Mon 18-May-09 21:06:32

Message withdrawn

SammyK Wed 20-May-09 09:39:55

How can I change to the setting on my clubcard so I get the x4 deals raher than th instore vouchers?

Lady in shop said ring up but don't have a phone, has anyone done it online??

Also, those of you have have loads of points, do you buy everything at Tescos? grin How often do you shop there?

Ponders Wed 20-May-09 09:50:57

Yes, you can do it online, sammyk - you don't change a setting on your card, after you get your Clubcard vouchers you go on the Deals page, choose the deal you want & enter the long code on each voucher, then they'll send you the Deals tokens.

Most people with loads of points do all their shopping at Tesco AND have one of their credit cards from way back when they gave double points on every £ (they don't do that any more, I have a more recent one & basically you get 5 points for £4 of Tesco shopping or 1 point for £4 elsewhere, which we don't bother with. We do get most of our petrol from there though)

Also look out for bonus points deals. There was one recently which was highlighted by moneysavingexpert, where you had to go online on your mobile phone & register your clubcard number to buy some specific products; I ended up with over 1000 points from that (worth £40) just for buying some things I would have bought anyway smile

fruitful Wed 20-May-09 09:53:39

We use ours for trips to the zoo, and other days out with the kids, mostly. We also pay for drycleaning dh's work suits. And sometimes for meals out.

BexieID Wed 20-May-09 10:03:24

I have about £40 in vouchers, not sure what to do with them though. Just got another £5 one with my payslip as well but I only work in a Metro store and am pregnant so can't even buy alcohol! Decisions, decisions.

SammyK Wed 20-May-09 10:27:54

So if you have a tesco credit card and just pay the balance at end of each month you will get more points? SOunds good- not sure if

a) I would get a card
b) would trust myself with a card

but worth thinking about!

We shop there once a fortnight usually (tend to alternate with asda, and go there for petrol too. We have a big huge superstore so could buy lots!

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