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Easter Egg packs only £1 at Sainsburys...that9;s half price

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AnnasBananas Tue 17-Feb-09 11:20:48

I've bought them to put away! They had Smartie, Cream Egg, Kit Kat and others too all £1, a bargain.

And even better they've reduced the packaging by 20% and there is no plastic, just cardboard and foil.

mumofdjandbabies Tue 17-Feb-09 16:46:16

wow! cheap great grin

tootiredtothink Tue 17-Feb-09 16:55:05

I have just returned with my 20 boxes grin.


NeedCoffee Tue 17-Feb-09 20:57:01

they're all a pound at Asda too

thisisyesterday Tue 17-Feb-09 21:00:04

but... but.. it's FEBRUARY!

you do realise it's another 2 months until easter right????

HairyMuff Tue 17-Feb-09 21:00:09

I bought some to give out instead of Party Bags at DS's Bday party at the weekend. Bargain! I thought 8 yr olds would prefer that than a bag of tat.

AnnasBananas Tue 17-Feb-09 22:15:49

thisisyesterday...the eggs are not going to 'go off' in two months, so might as well save the money!!

<quickly checks expiry dates...phew, Jun 09!)

mumofdjandbabies Wed 18-Feb-09 12:55:55

when does this end guys please as cant get in until tomorrow xx

SweetCheeksLovesSweetTalk Wed 18-Feb-09 12:57:08

They still had them today mumofdjandbabies

RubyRioja Wed 18-Feb-09 12:57:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumofdjandbabies Wed 18-Feb-09 13:51:04


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