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Centre Parcs 2009 discount

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bekkaboo Mon 19-Jan-09 20:48:16

Pleeeeeease!! Tring to book for sept 09 and cant find a working code, thanks

Reggiee Tue 20-Jan-09 19:45:38

I've just booked for October using SAVECP. It's the only discount cose that I could find that worked for me.
Good luck!

Reggiee Tue 20-Jan-09 19:45:56


pamelat Wed 21-Jan-09 09:40:33

Hello I have used the code SAVECP

Can anyone tell me what a "good" price for a 3 night weekend break is for 2 adults and 1 infant (she is just 12 months old). The cheapest seems to be £305 which is not "cheap"?

clairsl Sun 25-Jan-09 18:48:20

I found that booking for Whinfell the best discount code was CPWINT (was only booking up to April) but the best code for Sherwood was SAVECP

The best thing I've found is to book the correct number of rooms / people - (you may want 2 bedrooms pamelat - or 1 - but you will usually get a better deal on more bedrooms particularly the 3 & 4 bed lodges because there are more of them) - and then book for the month you want, weekend or mid week, and 'ANY DAY'

When you add your discount code and check the availability you will then be able to see all prices for the month. The earlier you book the better discount you get really.

I was looking at a weekend for a 3 bed new style lodge in Sherwood in March and prices were £299 upwards (after discount) if I remember correctly.


SAMS73 Mon 26-Jan-09 22:45:03

Does any one know code for Longleat ?

SAMS73 Mon 26-Jan-09 22:45:04

Does any one know code for Longleat ?

IlanaK Mon 26-Jan-09 22:52:42

There seem to be less codes around for them this year. we just went in January and we have always used their "come back soon" code (you get it the week you are there and have to book within a certain number of days). This year, there was no code. I asked about it and they said it was the first year they did not have one.

Shhhh Tue 27-Jan-09 19:12:20

I have yet to find a cheap deal for cp.
Every time we look for weekend or week break its silly money...over £500 which imo is madness for a uk hol. May as well go abroard.
Either codes we find give little discount or can't find them iykwim...

bert74 Thu 29-Jan-09 21:56:53

CP is cheaper the more peolple that are in your party, there are 6 adults and a 2 year old in our party going in mid March and we got it for £340, which we didn't think was to bad (£50 per head)

Pecker20 Sun 07-Jun-09 10:20:15

Please Help - Has anyone got a current discount code for Centre Parcs ? Well over £700 for 1 week at the moment !!!

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 07-Jun-09 10:46:41

From what I have rad elsewhere Center Parcs are not using codes any more.

Cazram Tue 07-Jun-11 15:30:37

Can anyone tell me if there are still codes for center parcs am struggling to find any for this year at all.

anniebear Tue 07-Jun-11 21:18:56

lol might struggle for 2009 grin

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