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Any Emma Bridgewater codes

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pamelat Sat 10-Jan-09 14:04:14

Hello I know that I did have a 10% off code on the back of a booklet but I think I have thrown it out.


PuzzleRocks Sat 10-Jan-09 15:46:44

Bumping for you.

pamelat Sun 11-Jan-09 11:42:31

Thank you, just realisd mumsnet offers 10% off with the code mnet. Sorted.

pamelat Sun 11-Jan-09 11:52:57

the mnet code is old so am still looking afterall?

Mooseheart Thu 15-Jan-09 21:33:46

Bump - MN HQ is there another code that we can use?

shoofly Sat 17-Jan-09 17:28:34


blossomsmine Sat 17-Jan-09 23:49:44

I was looking for a code for this aswell.....anyone got one??smile

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