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TESCO - new thread

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tearinghairout Fri 05-Dec-08 12:12:44

The old one is full up!

Has anyone got any codes for Tesco Direct, please? (grovel) I'm spending a fortune and can't find even a fiver off. OK, yes, free delivery, but I want more. MORE!!

mynameis Fri 05-Dec-08 12:30:28

TDX-FDYT Gives £5 off toy orders over £25, not being very generous at the moment are they sad

Nbg Fri 05-Dec-08 12:33:29

I don't think many people are having much joy with codes atm.

I know the last 2 shops I have done have been without codes sad

Citronella Fri 05-Dec-08 12:36:34

I couldn't even book a delivery slot( the connection was dodgy) yesterday let alone try the codes sad. I had to pay full whack at S'bury's.

tearinghairout Fri 05-Dec-08 13:01:10

Oh golly. Will sacrifice Sat afternoon & go to Aldi tomorrow!

sallyhollyberry Fri 05-Dec-08 13:36:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Fri 05-Dec-08 21:07:57

XX-8TWW Just worked for me £5.00 off

crochetdiva Sat 06-Dec-08 17:37:44

Not necessarily money off, but C3Z6PLYRMK27 gets you a free pack of stilton ... smile

twinflowers Sat 06-Dec-08 17:46:03

TDXR-DEXL this will get you £10 off on tesco direct when you spend more than £50.

i have used it 4 times but only on different accounts.

hope this helps someone, xxx

tearinghairout Sat 06-Dec-08 21:17:47

Hasn't worked for me sad I tried a new account with a different email but the same Tesco card no., and it knew! Computer says no....

ANTagony Sat 06-Dec-08 21:20:47

Say you haven't got a clubcard. A new one will be allocated then when you get your first statement you can merge the points accounts online or in a phone call.

tearinghairout Sat 06-Dec-08 22:29:40

Ooh, worth a try, thanks!

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Mon 08-Dec-08 10:39:08

XXKG32 just worked for me. Thanks.

jujumaman Mon 08-Dec-08 10:40:35

I can't even find a place on the order screen to punch in a code. Where do you do it? thanks

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Mon 08-Dec-08 10:49:58

Just above where you type in your card details. There is no box, you have to click on it and go to another page. I used it for groceries.

crabby Mon 08-Dec-08 12:33:09

XXKG32 just got me £10 off. Thank you again! grin

ilovetochatupsanta Wed 10-Dec-08 15:58:33

thanks, xxkg32 worked for me too grin

grumpalina Sat 13-Dec-08 23:02:12

XXDWFT gets half price delivery. Not much but better than nothing.

pickupthismess Sun 14-Dec-08 14:14:44

XXHJFV double points

XXKG32 wouldn't work for me.

Rhumba Tue 16-Dec-08 13:59:36

XXDWFT is for half price delivery. Just checked out and it took £3 off order (even though had booked a £3.50 delivery slot.) may be different when I get the order. Only works for deliveries up to tomorrow evening.

BabyValentine Tue 16-Dec-08 23:17:42

Just tried and failed with all of the above - but XXCRDJ got me £5 off.

Fiona123Sport Wed 17-Dec-08 11:48:20

Yes XX-CRDJ got me £5 off my shopping too thanks.

wintersapproaching Thu 18-Dec-08 15:30:03

xx-BOT7 is £5 off your shopping but no idea what minimum spend is as mine was £80

outinthesticksmummy Fri 19-Dec-08 14:22:27

hi, have my christmas delivery coming on Sat which i am continually updating - costing a bloody fortune!! is it too late to use a discount code now?? weren't any working when i first started it???

Also anyone know how long dated their double cream is??? have ordered 3 x 600ml pots???

thexmasstockingmonsterofdoom Fri 26-Dec-08 09:11:44

XX-CRDJ still working cheers smile

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