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Free sample copy of quality children's comic - the DFC

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roisin Sat 29-Nov-08 07:57:21

If you have heard me and califrau and others raving about how much our children enjoy the DFC here and also here but didn't want to commit to a subscription...

You can now get a free sample copy for Christmas. Details are here

My boys love this comic. I believe it is aimed at 8-12s, but I would say 7-14s - depending on the child.

It's not glossy, it's not bright primary colours, and it does require some concentration/commitment from the child. But there are no adverts, marketing or merchandising; fantastic humour and some cracking plots, stories and artwork including some well-known authors and illustrators.

We've been getting it for 3 months and the boys (9 and 11) still both read it all every week. Actually they usually fight over who gets to read it first every week!

GooberKingWenceslas Sun 30-Nov-08 22:01:46

Have requested our free copy.

UnfortunatelyMe Sun 30-Nov-08 22:11:47

Me too, thanks.

janeite Sun 30-Nov-08 22:15:44

Thanks Roisin.

popsycal Thu 11-Dec-08 19:28:24

it cane today and he loves it and so do i
i thought it woukd be too old/tricky as he is just 7 (but fab reader) but it is perfect
just what i have been looking for

popsycal Thu 11-Dec-08 19:28:38

he is 6 noty 7....

TheVirginGoober Thu 11-Dec-08 19:30:04

DS2's came yesterday.
He hasn't put it down yet. He is 9, almost 10.

roisin Thu 11-Dec-08 19:43:35

That's great Popsycal and TheVirginGoober! I'm delighted they are enjoying it.

I took some old issues in to school and showed them to my reading clubs and my literacy groups, and they virtually all seemed entranced, especially the boys.

Unfortunately it is quite expensive, and most of our students won't be able to afford it.

roisin Thu 11-Dec-08 19:46:03

If you want to buy it as a gift for someone you can buy a 1 month subscription through Amazon for £12.

gothicsanta Thu 11-Dec-08 23:27:40

Thanks roisin dd loves it
Perhaps you could convince the school to buy it £120 pa

Hulababy Thu 11-Dec-08 23:33:50

Have sent for copy today. DD is a bit young at 6y but a fab reader. Will give it a go. I find there isn;t much out there magazine wise for this age group.

popsycal Sat 13-Dec-08 09:43:43

hula - totally suitable for ds1 - but it ias more boy-orientated imo

Hulababy Sat 13-Dec-08 18:15:07

I did wonder that from the website TBH. Will wait and see what the sample is like; if nothing else it'll be a change just for the one magazine.

UnfortunatelyMe Mon 15-Dec-08 12:36:56

oohh look

roisin Fri 19-Dec-08 12:29:11

bump for anyone else interested

rosie17 Sun 21-Dec-08 09:55:59

Terrific quality comic with no ads - Thanks Rosin

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