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Tesco vouchers for Legoland - restricted dates?

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squeaver Mon 20-Oct-08 14:40:37

Thinking about using Tesco vouchers for Legoland on Thursday. Does anyone know how to find out which days are excluded?

Tesco and Legoland websites both no help. And can't seem to be able to talk to a person on the phone at Legoland, only a machine.


PortAndDemon Mon 20-Oct-08 14:45:50

I can't see a Thursday in mid-October being excluded... must be pretty much the definition of "low season".

squeaver Mon 20-Oct-08 14:48:55

I thought so too, but some schools are on half term this week I think???

Ohforfoxsake Mon 20-Oct-08 14:55:08

I think main restrictions were for August. The vouchers expire at the end of this month don't they? If it doesn't say on them, then I think it should be fine.

PortAndDemon Mon 20-Oct-08 14:57:57

Some schools are on half term this week, but some are on hal term the week after (and the park's closed ater that). They are closed Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so can't be envisaging hordes of profitable ravening children besieging the place.

squeaver Mon 20-Oct-08 15:02:50

Thanks all. Can hardly wait hmm

squeaver Mon 20-Oct-08 15:05:40

Actually have just seen tickets for £10 each on lastminute - will go far that instead, I think.

procrastinatingparent Mon 20-Oct-08 21:27:33

do you have a link for that, squeaver? I can't seem to find it.

squeaver Mon 20-Oct-08 21:44:55

Oh how weird, I can't find it either now. But it was there this afternoon when I booked the tickets - maybe it was a limited-time offer or something.

The page looked exactly like this but the price was £10.

wheresthehamster Mon 20-Oct-08 21:47:04

Legoland fireworks start this week but I don't know if they would come under restrictions

LIZS Tue 21-Oct-08 15:47:35

So it is still cheaper to use a child free admission per adult type offer ?

sammysamsam Tue 21-Oct-08 17:06:03

Dunno if anyone is interested, but I posted a few vouchers which entitles the bearer to half price child entry into Legoland amongst other attractions.. posted listing in ffp HTH a little..

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