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M&S on line sale (up to 50%) starts tomorrow

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SexyMilf Wed 08-Oct-08 19:52:33

M&S have an on-line sale of up to 50% starting tomorrow smile

nickytwoooohtimes Wed 08-Oct-08 19:53:30

Ooh. Thanks for that.

MarsLady Wed 08-Oct-08 19:53:58

Lovely! Thanks for that. Need a few things. smile

stitch Wed 08-Oct-08 19:55:53

thanks for this. i was going to order some stuff this evening, but i'll wait till tomorrow now

AllieBongo Wed 08-Oct-08 20:54:31

apparently, it is sometimes online at 11pm the evening before (if you can stay up that late!)

theirmum Wed 08-Oct-08 23:06:39

Not up yet so off to bed

dearbeatrice Wed 08-Oct-08 23:29:47

it's up now

dearbeatrice Wed 08-Oct-08 23:30:36

oh, it was, just tried and not there. look at moneysavingexpert shopping / grabbit section for a link if it hasn't gone live already

dearbeatrice Wed 08-Oct-08 23:33:03

this should work

AllieBongo Thu 09-Oct-08 08:44:02

just placed my order. got some nice bits!

mashedbanana Thu 09-Oct-08 21:25:55

just spent £60 and got loads of xmas gifts.thanks

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