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20% off code for dietary needs direct

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schilke Tue 07-Oct-08 09:42:15

Found this in my vegetarian magazine
32233MEY gets 20% off - not including chilled, frozen or fresh food.
Expires 31.12.08

silverfrog Tue 07-Oct-08 09:44:34

oooh, thanks.

will have to stock up (I quite often come across ones for Goodness Direct, but not DND...)

schilke Tue 07-Oct-08 09:45:49

It's 20% off *Goodness direct*.
There was an advert for dietary needs direct next to it and I typed in the wrong one!

silverfrog Tue 07-Oct-08 09:47:13

ah, that makes more sense. I was thinking I'd have to start subscibing to a vegetarian magazine if they did DND codes grin

Still useful though, so thanks smile

trixymalixy Tue 07-Oct-08 11:28:30

Ooh, thanks for that!

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