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Any Playmobil Offers?

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EustaciaVye Fri 26-Sep-08 16:18:44

Can you tell me if you know of any playmobil offers at the moment?

The Entertainer currently have the pirate ship at a good price

I'd like to know of any other discounted playmobil

<<EV tries to hide DDs her addiction>>

hana Fri 26-Sep-08 16:20:43

a while back were doing the carry along dollhouse for half price - not sure if they still have it.

was bargin!
read it here

MissKubelik Fri 26-Sep-08 16:21:18

I just saw a Playmobil jet plane in Woolworths on special offer... this one

EustaciaVye Fri 26-Sep-08 16:22:04

Thanks hana. I missed found that one just as it had sold old. Gutted as DD would have loved it. Still thinking about it from the man in red suit this year.

ComeOVeneer Fri 26-Sep-08 16:23:49

These any good?

Bucharest Fri 26-Sep-08 16:23:52

I buy all dd's playmobil from German ebay- tends to always be a good £10-20 cheaper than UK prices, and v efficient shipping etc...

EustaciaVye Fri 26-Sep-08 17:25:01

Thanks Misskubelik and COV.

Bucharest. I hadnt thought about Germany. Thanks

EustaciaVye Fri 26-Sep-08 17:40:38

Jungle Action set has £20 off it.

overtherainbow Fri 26-Sep-08 21:05:16

Boots have got 3 for 2 on quite a few playmobil sets online plus free delivery if you spend over £40.

Nemoandthefishes Sat 27-Sep-08 08:45:49

the have quite a bit ofplaymobil reduced and free postage for over £20
have used them for a few bits and always been quite quick

pinkcandyfloss Sat 27-Sep-08 18:29:32

Tesco Direct have a few bits here including the recycling truck and police boat for £15 each.

Also at the moment you can use the code TDX-NCCL for £5 off orders over £20 that would cover the delivery charge.

LIZS Sat 27-Sep-08 18:33:09

I used toys-express last time for dd's bday. Got a free riding set with the stables.

TheMadHouse Sat 27-Sep-08 19:56:14

EV If you can get to a costco we picked up the police boat fopr £13 + VAT and my mum bought the boys the camper van for £15 + VAT.

They have a weebles camper van and will love the upgrade grin

I also got the pirate ship and as you know bought the take along dolls house when it was half price. He is having his introdution to playmobile this year (he will be 4 in march)

TheMadHouse Sat 27-Sep-08 19:57:59

Oh yes and to add Sainsburys had the family set for £2.99. Mum has got it as a stocking filler for DS1

EustaciaVye Sat 27-Sep-08 21:07:19

Some great links here. We dont have a Costco near us unfortunately.

I like the idea of a thread for ongoing playmobil offers though so may keep this bumped.

Love the bin van but not sure DDs would be impressed grin

bluebell1 Sun 28-Sep-08 13:28:20

I just ordered the pirate ship.Thanks.grin

Lilyloo Mon 29-Sep-08 14:29:26

police boat £15 tesco direct

Lilyloo Mon 29-Sep-08 14:33:26

quite bit of playmobil here
Has anyone got the soccer set ? Is it any good ?

Lilyloo Mon 29-Sep-08 14:35:38

sorry here

EustaciaVye Tue 30-Sep-08 14:36:59

Great stuff. Will keep this bumped in case anyone finds any more.

Lilyloo Wed 01-Oct-08 15:11:34




all reduced

EustaciaVye Sun 05-Oct-08 07:55:41

DD would love the fantasyland!

hewlettsdaughter Thu 09-Oct-08 16:05:15

See this thread for latest offers

EustaciaVye Thu 09-Oct-08 16:29:00


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