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Horrid Henry

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n5rje Fri 19-Sep-08 13:21:53

Just seen in my local Works - all Horrid Henry books are 99p. These are new books so a brillant buy I'm just sorry we already have them all and have no one to buy them for.

MaggsS Fri 19-Sep-08 16:36:17

Where is your local one please? Son a huge fan and the cheapest I have seen them is Asda but still £3 a book

n5rje Fri 19-Sep-08 17:52:56

You should be able to find out here the works

MaggsS Fri 19-Sep-08 18:05:44

Great thanks x

poppyh Fri 19-Sep-08 20:40:55

they had them in our local Poundland last week too. Bought a few for xmas.

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