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Kids Cayman Crocs £12.99 and FREE UK delivery

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Phoenix Wed 03-Sep-08 12:21:13

I ordered ds some yesterday and they've just come.

Get them here

IllegallyBrunette Wed 03-Sep-08 12:22:43

Ohh ds could do with some for the holiday.

Do I order his normal size or do I have to go up/down one ?? He is a 10.

Phoenix Wed 03-Sep-08 12:22:57

Free delivery is for orders over £12 btw.

Phoenix Wed 03-Sep-08 12:38:48

I think the site shows UK sizes and US sizes. Ds is around a 7uk and he's got 8/9 crocs.

Phoenix Wed 03-Sep-08 19:46:33

Anyone else want any kids crocs?

caspercat Fri 05-Sep-08 20:56:35

Just ordered some. Thanks for that, DD loves her purple ones but too small now, & thought i'd have to fork out £20 for new ones!!

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