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Cheap Nintendo DS game!

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TequilaMockinBird Tue 02-Sep-08 18:40:40

only £3.50!

Free UK delivery too!

Not sure what the game's like but thought it was an excellent price!

QOD Wed 03-Sep-08 09:24:04

oh ta! thats some cheapie friend bday pressies too then!

Pinkranger Wed 03-Sep-08 09:36:45

Thank you - just ordered 4 for Birthday/Christmas Pressies!

kerryk Wed 03-Sep-08 10:52:52

smile just ordered on for my cousins birthday, thanks. things are a bit tight this month so that has helped.

MegGriffin Wed 03-Sep-08 11:55:10

Thanks, that's a bargain!

2beautifulgals Wed 03-Sep-08 14:36:22

thanks another christmas pressie sorted!

TequilaMockinBird Wed 03-Sep-08 17:59:45

Bump for the teatime crowd

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