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WOOLIES - XMAS BARGINS - anyone found any others?

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SpandexIsMyEnemy Tue 02-Sep-08 12:29:18

yes I know i'm shouting but have just got DS a dressing up box for £3.50 reduced form £30!!! shock and also a pirates costume (has a thing about treasure right now) for £3.50 as well.

we a big truck for £7.

mum got his first scaletric for £25.

there's some really really good bargins in there.

also got the argos things as well - which MIL has decided she wants to give to DS after all hmm

off now to try and find a pirates chest for boy's dressing up bits, have his fishies tank so xmas for him is done - woohoo!

bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 02-Sep-08 12:30:03

online or instore?

SpandexIsMyEnemy Tue 02-Sep-08 12:35:35


it's all in the back of mums car waiting to be wrapped.

so his lot goes..

firesam truck thingy the yellow one - £4.49 (asda)
Big dumper truck JCB thingy - £7.49 woolies
dressing up chest & pirates - £7.00
er Roary whiteboard drawing thingy - £3.00 woolies
fish tank & stuff (from beau so free)
2 fishies about £5.

all sorted £25.

ComeOVeneer Tue 02-Sep-08 12:42:03

Have you looked at I ordered a few things for ds yesterday. A pirate ship reduced to £8.68 from £25.99 and a castle with accesorises for the same price, also a remote controlled F1 racing car for £5.99 (was £19.99)

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