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tesco promotional code for "stuck on you" clothing labels?

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Camilla10 Sun 03-Aug-08 13:02:02

Does anyone have their recent Tesco Baby & Toddler Club magazine as apparently there is a promotional code for stuck on you labels for back to school offering a half price product pack. I've chucked mine away and would be very grateful if anyone that knew it could post it on here, I'm sure other mums would find it very useful at this time of year!
Many thanks

shhhh Fri 08-Aug-08 14:22:25

Not sure if you got one...? Try TESCO1. I have just placed my order smile.

Just to make you aware, the sode gets placed at the top of the page where you make your selection iykiwm...not by the payment Not well layed out imo.

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