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12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 09:21:00

can i ask a quick ???

when u order online with tesco and they have an offer on buy one get one free in the quantity isle do u put 1 or 2??

i put one and did not get the free items

DontNeedAnything Sun 20-Jul-08 09:26:28

You need to put 2 to get teh free one. If you put 1 they will send 1 and keep the free one for themselves smile

biglips Sun 20-Jul-08 09:26:47

you need to put 2

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 20-Jul-08 09:26:57

2 (it does normally say this if you look).

kid Sun 20-Jul-08 09:28:07

you put 2 in and they give you a guide price on checkout. But when the shopping delivered you will see on the receipt that they have deducted the cost of the free one.

One thing to be aware of, if its out of stock, or they only have 1 in stock, they will send a substitue (unless you tell them not to) or they will send you just one and you don't get any discount.
That is one of the reasons I stopped shopping online although I still do it online if I can't be bothered to go!

Hope you are using a discount code at checkout to save more money!

kid Sun 20-Jul-08 09:29:50

to get £13 off. Not sure of minimum spend though

StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Jul-08 09:29:59

oh yes, and the discount codes have expiry dates
which are ignored (have got away with that twice now!)
is that stealing?...blush

kid Sun 20-Jul-08 09:31:58

Of course not! I think it should be compulsary to use a discount code grin

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 09:33:13

well i am obviously dense as i put one in and they gave me one but do u think i should email them anyway, cus i am a bit peaved yes it was my fault but still.

yes ta i used a 6 code off thanks

it was the first time i ordered

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 20-Jul-08 09:38:20

No point in e-mailing them when it was your error, and they tell you on site what to do.

DontNeedAnything Sun 20-Jul-08 09:38:45

1-10 - was it pampers wipes by any chance.

I got "caught" out on that this week.

It said "free wipes" when I put them in my basket - but actually it was a case of buy a packo fnappies and get a pack of wipes free - but because I want the nappies I missed the nappy bit.

It was very misleading - and if I hadn't come on MN and got a rational explaination I would have been peeved at not getting wipes free.

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 09:47:07

no it was huggies wipes and they r 2.49 a packet i shopped online to save a few quid but i didnt.

cant sleep wont sleep lol wouldnt it be perfect if everyone was like u

trust me if i email them i can guarantee i will get the money back

StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Jul-08 09:48:48

Can't hurt to call customer services and explain, at the very least you are feeding back that the instructions aren't clear.

Has no-one else noticed that expiry dates are ignored? Give it a try!

DontNeedAnything Sun 20-Jul-08 09:49:17

Take them back to store - tell them you ordered wrong and want a refund.

Then go to teh baby ailse and pick up multiples of 2....defeats the object of shopping online I know - but at least you will have sorted the problem for theis time and will have learnt for next smile

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 20-Jul-08 09:52:35

"Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - valid from 02/07/2008 until 22/07/2008 - add 2 for offer" - in big red letters next to the product you ordered. Yes, it would be great if everyone were able to read and not get stroppy and rude like you, but if you can guarantee to get your money back then go ahead - don't know why you'd bother asking on here if you're so confident. hmm

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 09:52:49

thanks u guys i am glad other out there r understanding unlike some on here.

i think i will just do that dont needanything

thank u and yes i wont do it again lol

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 09:54:57

no one is getting stroppy but u were there r people on here that r nice and kind and r probably thinking yes it does say so but like everyone else we can make mistakes.

but thanks for ur advice

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 20-Jul-08 09:57:06

Yes, we can all make mistakes, but we wouldn't all expect the supermarket to pay for our mistakes. We would just accept that it was our own error and chalk it down to experience.

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:00:40

well clearly i am not the only one on here that thinks it was misleading clearly dontneedanything had similar problem, so there u go.

i dont even know why ur so bothered, chill out

dont expect a reply, i got genuine answers of other mumsnetters that care, i was looking for advice, not a silly debate

WeeBesom Wed 23-Jul-08 09:22:19

The thing that annoys me is when you order two of the things on offer only the different types (eg 1 sensitive wipes & 1 regular wipes) They only have one kind in stock so they give you one packet. You should be entitled to a refund then!

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