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to all of you who did not get vip next slots

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whitebeachesandcoconutoil Wed 16-Jul-08 16:33:53

keep ringing them and moaning -i rang them yesterday twice and today and they just kept saying no cannot help you it is random blah blah but guess what i just logged on to my account and i got one for fri morn woohoo! worth a try ladiessmile

pop1973 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:22:08

What is a vip next slot then ??

FluffyMummy123 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:24:39

Message withdrawn

nobodysfool Wed 16-Jul-08 19:25:33

Got mine for Thurs morning-surprised as i haven't bought much from them this season!

nobodysfool Wed 16-Jul-08 19:26:02

icod-was there much left?

Caz10 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:26:57

how would you get it?

we use MIL's account and order OODLES of stuff for her every couple of months, the woman spends money like it's going out of fashion

would she have got it through the post?

SoupKitchen Wed 16-Jul-08 19:28:40

mine is for 11pm tonight, was everything already sold out cod, did you get your shoes?

2point4kids Wed 16-Jul-08 19:29:44

I got an email today saying I have a slot. Got one on Fri pm.
Not sure how much will be left by then, but hey ho.

Caz10 - log onto your account on page and it will tell you if you have a slot!

Caz10 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:32:49

Wah thanks, i am suddenly very excited BUT I will have to call MIL to get her a/c no, then I might have to tell her why....etc etc...

If her level of spending doesn't merit one though I don't know who's would!

AllieBongo Wed 16-Jul-08 19:46:59

i've just spent £500. hideous but so tempting. I'm sure half of it will go back. I went in before my slot of 7pm and it still let me shop..

Caz10 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:31:09

OK have logged in and it just takes me to an account summary I being thick?? Or does it mean we don't have one? sad

FluffyMummy123 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:32:45

Message withdrawn

devonsmummy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:33:12

so when can us mere (sp?) mortals get online then?

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:34:11

missed my slot for today as was ranting at my mortgage man and having tesco delivery at same time. rebooked for friday. have you all managed to preview the sale stuff even if you didnt get a vip slot?

thinking of a way to get you to see it....

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:34:51

mere mortals lol are from saturday.

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:35:27

if there is anything you are wondering if it is in the sale i could have a look and tell you how much it will be if you like?

devonsmummy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:37:06

who me forevercleaning? grin

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:37:47

yes anyone really who is after something particular

OracleInaCoracle Wed 16-Jul-08 20:40:06

forevercleaning, are there any sofa's in the sale (2 seats) for about 150-200?

Caz10 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:41:17

help me help me!!

where on account summary page (or elsewhere) will it tell me if I have a slot?


forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:41:53

looking for sofas now, back in a mo....

devonsmummy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:43:12

oh thanks
i've trawled through and of the 14 items only 6 are in stock
398 942 G33 square toe trainer size 6
373 695 G33 blue/white trainer size 6
407 365 G33 bright sock
399 080 x41 denim combat shorts 2-3yrs
396 259 x41 ornage stripe grandad shirt 2-3yrs
398 163 G33 camo shorts 1.5-2yrs

if that's taking the pee could you just check the shoes & shirt
Thanks smile

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:46:00

at the moment only CASPER chair number 426-032-x41 page 999 down from 199 to 95 quid.

no actual sofas which is a bit odd.

forevercleaning Wed 16-Jul-08 20:46:36

right onto the devonsmum stuff, back shortly...

OracleInaCoracle Wed 16-Jul-08 20:47:54

thank you x

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