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Another Bargain Steam Generator Iron!!

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TequilaMockinBird Tue 08-Jul-08 15:36:39


For anyone who missed out on the last one I posted!

mistypeaks Tue 08-Jul-08 15:56:03

thanks. I've been looking at getting one. No excuse not to at that price smile

TequilaMockinBird Tue 08-Jul-08 17:21:23

bump for the teatime crowd smile

eandh Tue 08-Jul-08 17:25:06

I got one of teh last promotion posted on here and they are fab fab fab highly recommend them!

TequilaMockinBird Tue 08-Jul-08 17:33:11

Agreed eandh, I love mine grin

procrastinatingparent Tue 08-Jul-08 17:46:36

I got the last one you posted and it is fab! Have been converted to ironing ... and if you knew me in RL you would know how bizarre that is.

Eddas Tue 15-Jul-08 15:41:24

I got my iron today. I'm just unloading it. Looks a bit complicated and scarygrin

memoo Tue 15-Jul-08 16:03:26

oo i've ordered one too, should be here next couple of days. Is it good????

lulumama Tue 15-Jul-08 16:04:35

i gt the morphy richards one from the last promo you posted and it is brilliant !

Eddas Tue 15-Jul-08 16:18:31

not sure yet memoo, i'll test it later and let you knowgrin

Glad to hear they're good lulumama, eandh is on this thread and i know she loves to ironwink so they must be good if she thinks so toogrin

memoo Tue 15-Jul-08 16:55:55

Eddas, get that ironing done women!! grin

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