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Sun hols start today

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Theresa Sat 19-Apr-08 11:02:28

First word is 'reef', it is a 'starter token'. there is a 'bonus token' in tomorrows news of world and 'token 1' is on monday. Its not very clear but it seems for the people collecting actual tokens (first timers?) that you'll be able to use the starter and bonus token

sweetcat Sun 20-Apr-08 11:09:18

Thanks Theresa, DH just remembered we forgot to buy it yesterday!

miniandme Mon 21-Apr-08 18:25:36

Has anybody got the code for todays token ??

Theresa Mon 21-Apr-08 18:37:59

yesterdays was 'glow' and todays is tree

saltcod Mon 21-Apr-08 21:23:25

what do you need the codes for, please? I thought you had to attach actual tokens? (Not done this before wink)

Eve34 Mon 21-Apr-08 21:37:09

Is it to late to start now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Theresa Tue 22-Apr-08 06:17:20

If you've booked before you usually (but not always) get a priority form thru the post that lets you book on line so you only have to quote the words rather than send in the tokens. This is fab as you can see instantly if you can get the park & dates you want. It is prob too late to start now for this time but if you are up for a bit of hassle, still start collecting and send in an application for a park and date you'd like, being about 90% confident you wont get it this time (unless you are booking in term time for a park thats not oneof the more popular). You might get it, if you dont you'll get your uncashed cheque back and should still get a priority form for next time

kerryk Tue 22-Apr-08 16:29:32

even if you dont get any of the parks you asked for they will still let you know of other parks that are available at that time and you can pick one of them. we had to do this last year and ended up having a great time at someplace we had never thought about before.

i am well peeved of that i did not get a pririty booking form this time and am having to buy the tokens.

milky1965 Tue 22-Apr-08 16:34:49

Hi, code words so far are
sat 19th - REEF
sun 20th - GLOW
mon 21st - TREE
tue 22nd - JUNE

Hope these are helpful to somebody. Unfortunately I didn't receive my priority form this year, the first time I haven't, am gutted as I can't afford to take kids away unless I can book one of these cheapies, and I had really banked on this. Silly me!

If anybody has a priority booking form that they wont be using this time round, I would be really grateful if I could use the reference number.

Any offers?
Thanks and good luck to all.

kerryk Tue 22-Apr-08 16:36:28

so why did we not rcieve them milky65

do they only send them out to so many people.

milky1965 Tue 22-Apr-08 16:49:56

Hi kerryk, yes, apparently it's the luck of the draw. My friend contacted the Sun last year when she didn't receive hers, and was told you don't automatically get one, most people do, but it is whatever the computer sends out. Obviously the computer didn't like us this year. Mt sister received for January but passed it on to someone else, who changed the address, and yet my sister has just received another one for the summer!

TwoToTango Tue 22-Apr-08 17:36:15

milky1965 - you could try asking on Freecycle as well as on here. I've always had one of these hols every year but last year didn't get a priority form - I asked for one on Freecycle and a kind person sent me theres.

I have even seen the priority forms for sale on Ebay - last time I think they were selling for £15-£20.

kerryk Tue 22-Apr-08 18:46:43

is there not much chance of getting a holiday without a booking form then, have i just been lucky in the past.

milky1965 Tue 22-Apr-08 19:10:43

TwoToTango - thanks for the info, but I already tried freecycle and my post wasn't accepted as it wasn't a landfill item!
I will keep trying though!

milky1965 Tue 22-Apr-08 19:32:31

kerryk - it depends when and where you want to go. If it's August I wouldn't hold out much hope, but nothing's impossible! I'm still going to try if I don't get a form from some kind person not using their's.

TwoToTango Tue 22-Apr-08 20:01:18

Not all of the sites are available to book online - it seems to be most of the Holiday Park ones like Haven. I've used tokens in the past and got a holiday - not in the main summer hols though.

Theresa Wed 23-Apr-08 10:17:46

todays word is pier

TwoToTango Thu 24-Apr-08 06:43:16

Code words

sat 19th - REEF
sun 20th - GLOW
mon 21st - TREE
tue 22nd - JUNE
wed 23rd - PIER
thu 24th - DUNE

I've just booked mine - booking site has been available since yesterday - just been on MSE and people have been booking since 11.30 last night

Theresa Thu 24-Apr-08 08:50:08

Blimey, thanks TTT. Have managed to get the august bank holiday weekend, not my first choice but something! Will have to watch MSE next time, I dont think we can get next days papers in newcastle apart from maybe local ones

nappyaddict Thu 24-Apr-08 09:08:56


nappyaddict Tue 29-Jul-08 13:54:41

does anyone have a priority reference number thingy. seem to have lost mine.

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