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OK Boden Bargain Hunters, here's what I've got so far..............................

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pootleflump Tue 15-Jan-08 12:42:47

Town Hall Sales 08

Essex (Braintree) 6 & 7 Feb
Surrey 29 Feb
Exeter 11 & 12 March
Kettering 29 Apr
Leicester 3 & 4 June
Castle Donnington sometime in Sept.

If anyone knows of any others please add them to the list.

3missys Tue 15-Jan-08 13:42:31

So Boden sell there gear in townhalls on selected dates? - didn't realise they did that! Is there much discount?

pootleflump Tue 15-Jan-08 16:49:20

Things are always a set price, I only really do mini boden unless there's something I really want. Trousers are usually £9, tops £6 or £8, sandals £5, coats (incl duffles) £15!

JackieNo Tue 15-Jan-08 16:50:43

But you have to be prepared for a huge scrummage - don't even think about taking a pram/buggy - offload DCs for the day/morning/afternoon, and go on your own, having sharpened your elbows speciallywink.

FlllightAttendant Tue 15-Jan-08 16:52:49

Oh I bet we don't get one down here sad

I am a recent convert, my sale coat arrived yesterday and is fan tastic smile

I actually look <whispers>


MamaG Tue 15-Jan-08 16:52:53

god it sounds horrendous.

i ahte things like that

Surr3ymummy Tue 15-Jan-08 16:56:38

Where in Surrey? How do you find out what time etc..? I could do with looking a bit more groomed too.

pootleflump Tue 15-Jan-08 17:01:32

It is horrendous and as JackieNo said, definitely no dc. They start at 10am and you can call Boden for details.

JudgeNutmeg Tue 15-Jan-08 17:27:08

FA, I have always secretly mocked the Boden madness that you see on MN. I was a bit surprised to find myself stalking their online sale before Christmas and buying a gorgeous nut-brown cord trench coat and super-gorgeous leather satchel.

I don't know what came over me. blush

FlllightAttendant Tue 15-Jan-08 17:29:36

grin so it was you wot bought the last satchel, then?

<sharpens elbows in earnest>

JudgeNutmeg Tue 15-Jan-08 17:31:56


You weren't after a dark brown one were you? A lovely, soft, capacious and gorgeous one with a little insert just the right size for a packet of Handi-Andi's?

Sorry. grin

FlllightAttendant Tue 15-Jan-08 17:33:22


No, not at all envy


DrNortherner Tue 15-Jan-08 17:36:19

They normally have 1 in my town. All the posh mums turn up in their 4x4's in their masses.#

Haven't dared venture inside yet.

pooka Tue 15-Jan-08 17:38:19

Oh I luuuurve my leather satchel. ;)
Don't love the fact that I paid full price. shock

mairseydotes Tue 15-Jan-08 20:47:30

I got a lovely black one....(satchel)

3missys Tue 15-Jan-08 22:14:19

hmmmm Braintree is near me - may see if I can go child free - I am good at dodging elbows grin

DarrellRivers Tue 15-Jan-08 22:16:43

Message withdrawn

samanthar Tue 15-Jan-08 23:17:31

surreymummy they are often at sandown race course

pootleflump Wed 16-Jan-08 19:44:52

DrNorthener & DarrellRivers, I know they went to Harrogate & Leamington last year but they don't usually do the same place 2 years running, this year will probably be much the same circuit that they did 2 years ago.

pootleflump Wed 16-Jan-08 19:52:03

You're right samanthar, it is at sandown, have updated the list smile.

Essex (Braintree) 6 & 7 Feb
Surrey 28 Feb - 1 Mar
Exeter 11 & 12 March
Kettering 29 Apr
Leicester 3 & 4 June
Castle Donnington sometime in Sept.

piglet04 Thu 17-Jan-08 11:35:41

where in kettering and what time please?

pootleflump Thu 17-Jan-08 17:43:17

Sorry piglet, didn't take a note of the venue in Kettering but if you check the websites of any of your local conference or exhibition centres you should find it listed under 'whats on' or something. It will start at 10am though - they always do.

ja9 Sat 19-Jan-08 20:32:27

oh yes, heard about these. now which of those venues is the most northerly? just out of interest...

GrinningSoul Sat 19-Jan-08 23:37:37

i've been to a couple in Chelsea town hall, in the past... they usually send me a postcard a few weeks before.

navyeyelasH Fri 10-Oct-08 22:34:53

Does anyone know if there is one due soon in South West / South Wales area please? Need work clothes desperately!

Thanks x

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