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Free 6 month trial of Helen Flanagan's brand new prenatal fitness programme ‘MummaFit – To Be’

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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 13-Nov-20 09:25:17

TV.FIT is looking for 50 women who are three-six months pregnant to take part in a six month free trial of Helen Flanagan's new prenatal fitness programme 'MummaFit - To Be'.

Here's what TV.FIT has to say about the programme

"MummaFit To Be is a wellbeing programme for pregnancy that will accompany you throughout your journey. It's available exclusively on leading fitness and wellness app TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT (usual subscription £9.99 per month) and has been put together by pre and postnatal fitness expert Jane Wake.

The programme offers lots of options to choose from every day depending on how you and bump are feeling including cardio, resistance, core/pelvic floor stability, yoga and meditation workouts. Every month more workouts will be added alongside nutritional advice and guidance. Whether this is your first, second or fifth baby, it’s always difficult to know how your body will react and change through the trimesters but hopefully 'MummaFit To Be' can aid you through a happy and healthy pregnancy."

To sign up for your free trial email quoting ‘mumsnet’ whilst spots last. The first 50 people to respond will be offered a six month free trial of the programme.

You will not be charged until the end of the Free Trial Period. If you decide that you do not want to become a paying user of the TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT Services at the end of the Free Trial Period, you have to cancel your subscription.

This post is sponsored by TV.FIT

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MisiSam Fri 13-Nov-20 14:28:13

When I click the link it says ip address cannot be found sad

GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 13-Nov-20 15:17:00

Sorry about that MisiSam! To sign up for your free trial please email quoting ‘mumsnet’.

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ElizabethMainwaring Sun 15-Nov-20 11:40:43

Mummafit! Bleurgh! What a name.

turnthebiglightoff Sun 15-Nov-20 18:22:21

Sod this. The one time in my life I ate what I wanted. Also Helen Flanagan is awful.

Floraflower3 Wed 18-Nov-20 18:44:54

@turnthebiglightoff that is your choice and absolutely fine like it is also fine if someone wants to remain/ become active in their pregnancy.

MaizeBlouse Thu 19-Nov-20 22:47:15

Agree that MummaFit is a cringe name. Is this truly her product or something that has been created and she's the face of it? Don't have a scooby who she is, I'm assuming a soap star?

I can't work out how I feel about these pregnancy fitness programmes. Obviously staying fit and healthy is important during pregnancy, but I resent the fact that it is yet another part of motherhood that is being pushed towards consumerism. Let the bloody pregnant women eat jamming dodgers and sit on the sofa, god knows they won't get to do much of that when the baby is a toddler.

mummytonicekidz Tue 24-Nov-20 15:15:06

She was one of the most annoying people on tv 😂

Joanna1009 Thu 26-Nov-20 10:43:28

I appreciate the creation of something for pregnant women to help them be fitter if they choose to....and I'd be interested. Unfortunately you lost me at Helen Flanagan. She's the last person I'd feel I'd want to share that journey with. She doesn't represent me and I don't find her relateable 🤷🏼‍♀️

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