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Bloom and Wild refer a friend

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savethewales Tue 13-Oct-20 10:03:27

Hi all,

I have a flower subscription with bloom and wild; you can get £10 off using the below link. My name is Katie Hopper if it asks smile

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user1469805096 Thu 15-Oct-20 09:28:05

I have just sent flowers mum, very easy as through the letter box.

I also have a link for £10 off if you need it

valtos3 Mon 19-Oct-20 18:08:03

Fab flowers for my sister in law!
Here’s a refer a friend link for whoever wants it:

JustAPassingFashion Tue 27-Oct-20 16:51:04

Another big b&w fan here!!
Here's another link if anyone else is after £10 off smile

JustAPassingFashion Tue 27-Oct-20 16:51:31

Andddd I hit post too soon confusedgrin

Siw2020 Sat 31-Oct-20 11:42:13

not working for me sadly

Siw2020 Sat 31-Oct-20 11:48:50

I think I also need an email address?

NatalieEmma Tue 03-Nov-20 06:00:47

This is my link for the £10 off ☺️ My email is if it asks!

ihatethecold Tue 03-Nov-20 06:42:22

How much does a subscription cost?

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