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When is M and S 20% off

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SippingSipsmith Tue 06-Oct-20 12:33:58


Does anyone know or have a feeling when the next event is?


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peachypetite Tue 06-Oct-20 12:47:00

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Oly4 Fri 06-Nov-20 11:36:49

Bump. I have my Sparks but no 20% off yet. I’m looking for a home discount

AlwaysCheddar Sat 07-Nov-20 07:09:11

I guess they won’t do it this year

CupoTeap Sat 07-Nov-20 07:14:59

Comment on one of the Christmas threads that M&S chat had said it's not happening this year.

TheSeedsOfADream Sat 07-Nov-20 07:16:40

I think they'll be doing massive discounts like most retailers. It's their only hope of surviving.
I'm already getting offers and discount codes from loads of places and they're more generous than usual.
I think coming up to Christmas there will be sales, % discounts, Bogofs, 3x2s and free postage the likes of which we haven't seen for a while. Stock will have been ordered and planned in big retailers last winter. They've got to try and shift it.

Positivevibesonlyplease Sun 08-Nov-20 21:48:00

There are lots of offers on certain items currently. Up to 30% off.

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