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Earn an easy £5-£10 a month by upgrading to Brave browser

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HappilySociable Fri 04-Sep-20 20:13:04

As a Windows and iPhone user it is my opinion Brave is currently the best browser by a large margin.

In my opinion Brave provides me with a better internet experience, saves me times, and pays me money for doing what I normally do anyway (browse the internet)!

Brave is built on Chromium so it everything Chrome has and will be really familiar to users of Chrome. In addition Brave has:

- 3x to 6x faster speeds (through its inbuilt ad blocking)
- More Security
- High level of privacy
- Built in Tor browser for the ultimate private browsing experience

With all the above I would recommend trying Brave out even if you are not bothered about its main differentiating feature, the ability to earn money for every ad you are shown.

Brave Rewards

Brave believes in giving users back 70% of the internet revenue advertisers pay for showing them online ads.

In my last 3 months with Brave I have made over £30 (half from using Brave instead of Safari on my iPhone, half from using Brave instead of Chrome on my laptop).

If Brave stopped paying me money tomorrow I would still continue to use their browsers as they are so much better that the alternatives.

If you haven't tried Brave yet I would recommend giving it a go and see if you feel your browsing experience as been improved. If you are happy with the improved browsing expedience then use it for a month to see how much money you earn.

Download links to get started:

Just download Brave from here:

You do not need to give Brave any information about yourself in order to use Brave. Therefore, the signup process is pretty quick. If you choose to get paid the money you have earnt you will need to complete KYC (uploading selfie, passport etc) prior to payment.

Top tips for maximising earnings

You get about 1.5 pence for every ad that is shown. You can select to be shown up to 5 ads an hour. By default Brave is set to share revenue with websites that you browse, but you can turn this off to keep more of the money for yourself. Therefore to maximize referral I recommend setting up your Brave Reward settings as follows:

I also recommend installing and using brave on all your devices your use to browse the internet.

To get an idea of the the ads you get. Here is a GIF of the types of ads I have been show over the last 7 days:

The image above is just a list of all the ads shown. The actual ads are just pop up notifications that if clicked take you to the company website. Sometimes it is a bit company like Amazon, or Ebay and sometimes it is a much smaller company that you might never have heard of.

NB: The money you get from browsing Brave is paid out in BAT (Brave's own crypto currency). However this can be converted immediately to £GBP or pretty much any other currency you want in seconds within Brave.

Here is a screenshot of my Dashboard showing how easy it is store your money:

Hope you like Brave! smile

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