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Verbaudet 40% off first item, 30% off subsequent items

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tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 15:39:33

promo code 4747

FrannyandZooey Sat 29-Sep-07 15:41:41

ooh that's a good one
I just did an order, darn it

are small price items excluded, I suppose?

tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 15:48:15

I dont know- want me to forward you the email??

FrannyandZooey Sat 29-Sep-07 15:49:16

yes please

frannyandzooey at india dot com

thanks emma

tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 15:51:49

FrannyandZooey Sun 30-Sep-07 09:31:19

Thanks Emma I got it. Don't know if it will work as I am not new customer but it is worth a try...

nutcracker Sun 30-Sep-07 09:32:18

Can you forward it to me to emma, Dd1 needs new tops again smile

tiredemma Sun 30-Sep-07 16:22:30

Franny- Im not a new customer either-have been with themfor abot 7 yrs

tiredemma Sun 30-Sep-07 17:22:22

Nutty- done.

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