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New budget baby site

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Daisyluna Wed 25-Mar-20 14:04:17

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about a new website which my husband and I started up a couple of months ago, It's a new way to swap baby items you no longer need to get the ones you do. A way of decluttering, saving space, money and also reducing carbon emissions.

It's a really simple concept

Just take afew photos of the item's you would like to swap,complete a few fields and you're off.
What makesbabyeounique is thateach time you upload an item you get creditsthat you can use immediately to request other items.
With a range ofnew and prelovedbabyitemsfrom other parents available for just£1-5 there is really nothing else likebabyeoon Earth.

We would really appreciate any support and feedback!

Feel free to also check out our instagram page 'babyeouk' where we post updates and competitions smile

Thank you and stay safe!

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