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wooooooo hoooooo, just had fifteen quid into my account from quidco!!!!

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superalienstitch Fri 07-Sep-07 09:58:03

yeah. i shopeed, andn now been paid for it.
wonderful wonderful.

pyjamaqueen Fri 07-Sep-07 09:59:32

What is Quidco?

superalienstitch Fri 07-Sep-07 11:48:40
click through thte website, and you gta percentage of stuff you buy from the websites.its a cooperative. and the shops pay the customer directly, rather than paying for advertising.
figleaves is 11% boden 8% boots 3.5% and vision direct 20% etc.
it takes a while, as the fifteen pounds i got is from shoppping in july. and the website costs five pounds a year, but that s payable from your earnings. so you dont actually have to pay out anything.
i love it.
due tobe paid another23 soon. grin

IdrisTheDragon Tue 11-Sep-07 00:13:57

I got £128.15 last week smile. Had a good deal with car insurance in June smile.

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