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Top tip: saved over 5k on my loft conversion

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cinnabunbun Fri 03-Jan-20 22:44:25

This is interesting. Do you need the quotes to come back as really detailed breakdowns or a full schedule of works type document for them to pick through?

Lisa1001 Thu 02-Jan-20 19:48:05

Hi all grin

Long time lurker first time poster !

I really wanted a loft conversion for ages but never got round to it, I finally convinced the hubby to get some quotes so we could have a nose and get an idea of what we could afford. I got 3 quotes and had no clue what I was reading confused

A friend of mine recommended this company HIC (home improvement consultants) I’d never heard of it but basically they compared the quotes for me and sent me a report, honestly you would not believe the differences!!! One included spotlights the other included only 5 and one of them didn’t even quote for it. Some had doors not included and all sorts of things, Anyway they did this offer where you pay £200 and if they don’t save you money they give it back in full. To be fair I wasn’t totally convinced with the whole no win no fee type thing but it actually was worth it we saved a bit over 5 grand and we got what we had actually asked for.

If anyone is doing something similar I would highly recommend it they were really friendly as well which was nice also it’s a no risk win win

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