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getting through £10 every 3 days on prepayment meter!..

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Fuckitall1988 Tue 26-Nov-19 22:00:35

Hi folks.. I am new to the boards.

I wanted advice regarding saving money on energy supplier..

Personally I use Uswitch a couple of times a year to change supplier.. Most recently I switched from SSE to Bulb energy and it took over 2 weeks to change supply.. and now that it has I am using just as much money.. Then by the time the switch had took place I also noticed on uswitch the cheapest available had become British Gas so I have switched again to them already even though that will take another 2 weeks.

I thought if I set reminders in my phone calendar to switch every couple of months that I would save. So a couple of weeks ago before the switch to bulb I set reminders in my phone for next year to febuary, may, august and early november.. however I am not sure if these are the best months in the year to switch bearing in mind the 2 week take over time.

I am on a key meter, I wont go back to a standard meter where I pay the bill online as I tried that for 12 months back in 2018 and ended up paying extortionate amounts come winter time.

I will say that I am all electric (no gas), and I also use a 2500 watt oil radiator.. I used to use 2 seperate 2000 watt ones for in the dead of winter.. then I decided to just go with a single 2500 watt one..

I wont use my single storage heater that is in the property (1 bed flat) because it is too expensive to run I am better off with the oil radiator and out of the portable heating devices available I think oil radiators are the best overall as anything else is either too drying or uses even more electric.

Any advice from you guys regarding your experiences on how often or best months of the year to change your energy supplier on a key meter?.. its driving me mad how im eating through electricity and I know im not the only one. I am trying to self manage and keep myself in high spirits as much as possible this winter/coming winter. I am finding myself wearing my dressing gown over the top of my normal clothes when I am home sometimes and its not even December yet!.. XD

Thank you in advance!

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Jodie77 Tue 26-Nov-19 22:16:35

I don't think switching so often is going to help you. Every 2 years should be often enough to see if you are getting the best deal. Could you look at other ways to be more energy efficient? Are your windows double glazed and have you draft proofed?

Fuckitall1988 Tue 26-Nov-19 23:23:59

not double glazed.. old victorian style building i live in a small market town. It is usually a good idea to switch at least twice a year in my experience.. you can be getting ripped off else..

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gamerchick Tue 26-Nov-19 23:29:01

Get some rolls of bubble wrap, with the big bubbles. Cut it to size, spray water on your Windows and roll the bubble wrap on bubble side down and fix at the edges. It'll help with the windows losing heat. I used to do it every winter until I got new windows.

Fuckitall1988 Wed 27-Nov-19 22:02:28

wont this just attract more mildew this time of year?
might block a bit of light as well?

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gamerchick Wed 27-Nov-19 22:21:36

Haven't known it and it definitely doesn't block any light out.

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