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AnAngelWithin Fri 17-Aug-07 15:40:50

ok. these should work. if there is no date next to them then I am not sure of the expiry but hey ho its worth a go anyway!

xxL3xb £3 off £30 exp 19/8/07
xx423r £8 off £80 exp 19/8/07
xxvh2t £6 off £40 exp 31/8/07
xxfdgt £5 off £50 exp 29/2/08
xxcrdj " " " " 31/8/07
xxbot7 " " " " 31/10/07
xx6qjp £7 off £70 exp unknown
xxmxhp £10 off £25 exp unknown
xxs49f 1000 points on £50 spend on wine
xxsumd 500 points
xxb7t4 double points
xxfd9h 1000 points when spend £50 (excellent deal!!)
klq7ktbbfzv £15 off £100
xx23xg £15 off £100
xxrhzf £15 off £100
xxjxwv £15 off (not sure off how much of expiry though)

Other tescos
Pet insurance 750 points and 10% off TESCO4011 (points are added over the year on a monthly basis)

DVD & game rental
750 points TPFPT enter on registration exp 30/09/07

Tescos direct
500 points on first order TDXR-PTFZZ

Do you know tesco allow 3 different accounts per address and as long
as each account has 150 points on you get 3 lots of vouchers mailed every
3 month. Also join all the clubs wine, baby, healthy eating etc and then
you will also get 3 lots of vouchers for each club if you have 3 accounts
set up.
Also when shoping on-line you can use all 3 accounts on the same
code, so a 1000 point code can be used 3 times so you get 3 x 1000 points
per code all delivered to your home address and worth £120 in clubcard deals.
All you need is seperate accounts and email addresses. I prefer using the
point codes myself as to the cash discounts, as i use a lot of the deals
but there are also good savings to be had with the cash discounts.
More good point builders are old mobiles and empty inkjet
cartridges all worth between 100 and 500 green clubcard points each.
Also, a tesco credit card gives you 1 point for every £2 spent anywhere and as long as you pay your bill in time each
month its points for nothing as we all spend on credit cards to start with,
an obvious but very over looked point builder is on tesco petrol.
Also you can earn many points from other peoples receipts as i find many old receipts in trolley for example and if receipt says - join clubcard you could have earned (x amount)of points- just take it to customer services and they put the points on YOUR card.
Even if you have points coupons and dont acually buy the product required to get the points if you have a trolley full and take the receipt to customer services, just say it did not scan at checkout and were told to come here. They never check your receipt if there are loads of items and just add the points to your card.Tesco are into everything
now and you receive points on every £1 you spend on there partner products
ie- phone, mobile, broadband, gas, electric, insurance and many others worth
checking them out.

Yes, It takes time to open new accounts ,join clubs, use codes for each but i am sure some of these codes or tips will be of use to you.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 18-Aug-07 11:15:06

Message withdrawn

DontlookatmeIamborrrring Sat 18-Aug-07 11:20:32

Try £10 off £70 XXRDXL - valid until 2/9

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