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Unnecessary spending ...

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aspiringnurse Sun 22-Sep-19 08:20:10

Hi all,

I have a problem with unnecessary spending, as much as I try not too each month I always am skint by the end of the month and relying on partner to buy things like food shopping etc.

I do have debt which I am currently paying off but looking to reduce the payments each month as I am on UC (have a 1yo and am currently doing an evening course at college)

My problem is the unnecessary spending and how to minimise it.. anyone have any tips?

I usually spend around £200 on debt, £200 on food shopping and I have £100 left over for personal things (anything for DS comes out of his child benefit)

My main problem is clothes, I don't have a lot but do like to buy them then realise I have nothing in my wardrobe suitable for the cold weather confused
That's a whole other thread as I have no idea what usually suits me 🤷🏽‍♀️

I know the usual things to cut out are trips to costa, no takeaways etc but can't seem to put the logic into actually doing it..

Thank you grin

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00100001 Sun 22-Sep-19 08:23:01

Where are your clothes from last winter? confused

Also, buy from charity shops.

Ellabella989 Sun 22-Sep-19 08:25:20

Get a bit of paper and work out how much quicker you would be able to pay that debt off if you had a few months of putting most of that extra £100 into it. If you need some winter clothes then work out exactly what you need (3 x jumpers, 1 x winter coat etc) and then check out some local charity shops (you can get some lovely stuff for just a couple of quid). Or use the next £100 to buy a winter wardrobe from a low cost store like Primark and then use all the other £100s after that to plow into the debt until it’s cleared.

PersonaNonGarter Sun 22-Sep-19 08:28:17

It doesn’t sound like an issue for money saving tips. It sounds more like you need to deal with some shopaholic traits.

Everyone needs to buy clothes, but you can’t have none from last year. Could you shop in charity shops?

Wildorchidz Sun 22-Sep-19 08:30:20

So you have £100 to spare every month but want to reduce the amount you pay off your debt?

ibuiltahomeforyou Sun 22-Sep-19 08:34:37

OP I have depression and anxiety and I find that I want to spend when I feel sad.

To counteract it, I try to have some nice treats for myself - I bought some lovely coffee which I make at home and take with me in a good quality travel cup.

I also try to think of things I do want and list anything I don't spend in my phone notes to go towards it! So for example if I make my own sandwiches I put £5 mentally towards, for example, a winter coat. It is AMAZING how quickly it adds up. I've 'saved' £160 this month alone.

Monzo helps as you can break down the costs of what you are spending in a really visual way.

TheHonestTruth100 Sun 22-Sep-19 09:53:05

Do you have another account like an ISA or savings account you can pay in to? The way I minimise my unnecessary purchases is to transfer money into another account as soon as I get paid, then I can treat the remaining amount as my salary for the month.

Could you do this? Maybe start off with smaller amounts transferred over as soon as you receive payments (say like £10) and look to increase it. Then you can continue with whatever you do (Costa/clothes etc) but with a smaller allowance.

1ToughCookie Sun 22-Sep-19 11:06:12

My top two ideas are to keep a written list of what you've bought (helps you to see it) and to spend cash only via cash point card that cannot be credited/debited. Freeze the debit and credit card in a block of ice, like use a food container for a mold. It'll be there if you really really need it. After the ice melts.

JuniLoolaPalooza Sun 22-Sep-19 11:18:18

I found after having my first dc I needed a whole new winter wardrobe as I was so much bigger!
But op what I did was choose three colours that go well, navy, black and red, and only buy a 'capsule' wardrobe in those colours so everything matched. So if I wanted a new top if only buy one if it went with existing stuff in my new size.
Try not to look at clothes in the supermarket and shops.

Ohmygod123 Sun 22-Sep-19 11:35:25

I have debt, OH has a spending problem so I know what it's like to be skint at the end of the month. This is what we did.
Went through all our belongings and sold everything we hadn't used including furniture, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc. fb market place and gumtree are great for quick sells. EBay has costs. Get some money back and pay some debt off or use the money to buy things you actually Need!!
Next get a 0%apr credit card like a VIRGIN credit card that have I believe 24 months 0% and do a balance transfer of your debt, by doing this you will stop monthly charges but there is a balance transfer charge to begin with.
Do a weekly menu so you don't over spend when you go shopping. Go through your freezer and cupboards and see what meals you can make before you need to do a shop, just buy essentials like milk, bread, fruit etc until your freezer and cupboards are bare.
Buy 2nd hand
Ask friends and family if they have something you can borrow, have or lend. Like baby toys and clothes.
Go through your accounts and see what you're spending, do you have unnecessary magazine, snack, TV subscriptions. If so get rid.
And lastly always always always use cash not card. Think ahead, where are you going, what will you spend, set a budget and spend no more! Good luck

Purplerain16 Sun 22-Sep-19 12:51:26

Totally not helpful, but I'm in the same boat. I know I shouldn't spend the money, but I just can't seem to help myself 😂
Where do I buy some self control?

Thatagain Sun 22-Sep-19 13:14:13

Omg123 said it all with clarity.
I use ebay. Yes it does charge although I do it like a swop
I sell things I no longer want and buy things that I need from the profits. No money comes out of my bank as it's all done through PayPal.

Mamalexi343 Sun 22-Sep-19 13:18:27

I was like this and spiralled into further debt, I ended up taking out £10-15 a week and then gave DH my card to look after and that's all I had to spend for extras, once it was spent it was spent and I'd have to wait until the next week for it again, not only did I save money but it taught me to manage it better. And if there was any left over I would save it up for that month and get myself a little treat with it.

Good luck, it is really hard but if you want to change you'll find the willpower.

Starrgreen72 Sun 22-Sep-19 17:21:50

Tbh it’s normal for people to not have much left at the end of the month especially if your a sahm with one income . Try and cut back on personal luxuries and have a look in charity shops for clothes . Sometimes it can be boredom that makes mums spent a lot on unnecessary things . As long as your bills are paid try not to worry to much x

crimsonlake Sun 22-Sep-19 17:58:36

Surely the answer is not to go shopping at all in the first place. You need to change your mindset and not use shopping as a hobby to fill your time. Find other things to do to keep you busy that do not involve spending. If you get the urge head to charity shops for a browse to satisfy your urge.

HazelWalker1 Fri 08-Nov-19 10:21:24

What about thinking of some ways to earn some extra or save some extra?

Have you tried using cashback sites too for when you buy clothes etc then you'll always get a bit of the money back

Have you tried using an energy switcher like Look After My Bills or Switchcraft? They can help reducing your energy bill

Where do you do your weekly shop? Could you try switching to Lidl or Aldi if you don't already shop there. Even if you just go there for your fruit and veg you'll save a ton

I've just started a FB page where I've been sharing deals and stuff so maybe if you wanted to join you could? Migt see some good Xmas presents or whatever. It's not that good at the moment but hopng it will get better

Can you do anything outside of your day jobs to earn some money on the side? Are you any good at baking, I've seen a few of those dessert delivery services on Facebook, where you make a load of yummy cakes and stuff and people pay you to drop them off at their houses. You could do that int he evenings? Or make sweet hampers/ do some DIY home stuff for people? Have a look on Pinterest,t here will be loads of there and people in FB groups like Facebay love that

HazelWalker1 Fri 08-Nov-19 10:22:26

I wrote the wrong thing haha

ginghamstarfish Fri 08-Nov-19 10:28:35

Re the clothes, are you buying cheap/trendy stuff and chucking it every year? If so then you need to get out of that habit and buy proper clothes that last. Also find something more useful to do than go shopping.

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