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Quidco rage!

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Pastwordprotected Tue 02-Jul-19 10:24:00

Is it just me or is Quidco being particularly useless at the moment?! I request payment via M&S giftcard to use in the school uniform sale, wait the 6 days they say it might take... and now they tell me it can take 10 days. Grrr!

(Rant over - thank you for listening!)

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July2019 Tue 02-Jul-19 23:10:50

I requested a gift card from red letter days ages ago, the money left my account and I've heard nothing since! I feel robbed as I've no idea how to chase it up.

Next time I withdraw I'll just be happy with the cash back I have got and not be greedy and try and increase it blush

Pastwordprotected Wed 03-Jul-19 06:49:06

Sorry to hear that July. Funnily enough, the gift card was emailed to me within a couple of hours of me contacting Quidco customer support via live chat so fingers crossed, your cash back payment won't be much longer.

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