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Hauck Stroller for £29.97!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 13:55:21


Ordered mine on Tuesday night at 8pm and came today at 9am. Fab buggy, very padded.

Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 13:56:00

Eeek here!!

Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 21:04:28

Bump - its fab, go on you know you want to

geoRGEEweasley Thu 19-Jul-07 22:04:46

I've got one and love it

GrimoireThief Thu 19-Jul-07 22:06:45

I got this about 6 weeks ago when I saw the price! It's great - I've given it plenty of use and abuse and no problems. Pretty light as well.

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