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Hawkins bazaar free delivery( cos it otherwise a STONKING £4.99)

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coddy Thu 19-Jul-07 15:53:28

it arrived this morning!! baldry fast!!

coddy Wed 18-Jul-07 13:52:36

i haeg tow boys parties
they are havign spypen ans sweets( ds1) nd pooing pig adn sweets( ds2)

Theresa Wed 18-Jul-07 13:51:07

Just used that & spent £11 on things i dont need, so was it really a saving??
Thanks anyway!

Enid Wed 18-Jul-07 10:59:04

ooh ta

already planning dd2s halloween birthday extravaganza

coddy Wed 18-Jul-07 10:58:18


coddy Wed 18-Jul-07 10:41:03


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