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quidco. .......anyone know about his?..........bubble? kaz?

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cylonbabe Sun 08-Jul-07 23:49:37

how does it work? the cashback you get, is it extra added onto your bill that you then get back in actual cash? the way it is at a supermarket? or what?
i would appreciate if someone could explain to me as it soudns interesting.

MimieD Mon 09-Jul-07 13:30:02

As soon as you have gained £5 cashback, quidco takes this money. Any money earned afterwards will either go to your bank account via BACS payment or to your Paypal account depending on what you prefer. I've used it for 6 months now and have gained nearly £200 back .

cylonbabe Mon 09-Jul-07 20:20:50

it seems to good to be true.
where does this earned money come from though? who pays it? the retailer? for going through quidco?

thank you for your reply mimiie

RGee Mon 09-Jul-07 20:32:15

I'm with Mimie and would really recommend quidco.
I joined a month ago and have already earned a fiver cashback (quidco's commission) so everything else the rest of the year is mine! Dh signed up to and has £35 already.

cylonbabe Mon 09-Jul-07 22:34:27

another question.
if i click throught to figleaves from mumsent i get 10% off,, using quidco i get 11% back before vat. so no difference really.
and boden, using mn, get ten percent off, not using get 8.5% so whats incentive fro these two shops?

MimieD Sun 15-Jul-07 15:03:00

I use the link through quidco and then use e.g the mumsnet promotional code in the voucher box! That way I get my 10% off and money back through quidco (which normally takes a few weeks),so even more savings .

bubblerock Tue 17-Jul-07 10:58:44

Quidco is an affiliate site, meaning they earn money for purchases made through links on there site. Boden, as an example, may pay them and MN 10% for any purchases made. With Quidco they pay you 8.5% of this so they earn money for nothing but do pass on most of the earnings to you whereas if you use an affiliate link on MN they keep all of the earnings on your purchase (It is a way for the site to earn money).

If you have a website of your own you can apply for an affiliate link yourself if the link is suitable, eg.. you have a homemade card business with links to hobbycraft etc...

Discount codes can be used once you go through quidco into the site. I always check for money off codes HERE

cylonbabe Wed 18-Jul-07 10:17:58

thanks bubble, mimi.
silly question i know, but mimi, where do you get the mumsnet code from? i thought you could only click through it?

cylonbabe Wed 18-Jul-07 11:07:23

i've place my first order. contact lenses from visiondirect/ i should get 20% off. so that should make it 20 pounds! am scared. sounds tooooo good to be true.
but it does make sense. i am quite a scaredy cat wheni t comes to online shopping, and will only buy from places i know in the real world, or places that trusted mnetters use. so there idea of not bothering for paying for random advertising and paying the consumer dirct is brillinat.
i am waffling on now

cylonbabe Wed 18-Jul-07 11:44:14

its before vat. the

MimieD Thu 19-Jul-07 14:53:52

Hi, depends on the link you use. Code for GLTC mumsnet discount can be found when you do search for GLTC code on this forum, you used to see mumsnet boden code when using the link but don't think that is the case anymore or it coudl just disabled during the sale. To be honest for other codes I tend to use They have loads on here!

IdrisTheDragon Thu 19-Jul-07 14:56:44

I like quidco . I always do ebay bidding through it - you get 35% of the amount of sellers fees, which isn't that much, but it does add up.

If you're renewing your insurance there are often big cashbacks (got £120 cashback on car insurance, and the insurance I got was cheaper than other quotes I'd had as well). You can also click on some websites ie kelkoo once a day and get 10p each time.

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