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Trading212- free share worth £12-100

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DandySeaLioness Wed 13-Feb-19 12:35:39

Not sure if this has been posted before, Trading212 have got a very nice promo at the moment where they will give you a free share worth anything between £10 and £100 for signing up.

Then you can refer your friends and family and you'll both receive free shares again. Once credited you can sell your shares after 3 days and withdraw the money smile

I have done it, it works, I've had the payment come through just fine so I thought I'd share in case anyone wanted to do it as well.

Here's my link:

and below are the instructions:

1. Click the link and download the app
2. Open an INVEST account
3. You might be asked to verify your identity on live chat - I didn't have to.
4. Deposit £1
5. You will receive your share within 24 working hours.
6. Sell your share after 3 days and withdraw the money and your original £1

You will notice they ask for the National Insurance Number, I believe this is because trading for a living is taxable, this little bit of profit here obviously won't be.

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