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Make an easy £10-£100

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WhenTheRoadLooksRoughAhead Sat 02-Feb-19 22:03:28

Saw this doing the rounds on Facebook; was skeptical but it's fully regulated with the FCA and the press are saying it's one of the biggest stockbrokers in 2019.

Anyway, you click the following link:

Create an INVEST account, select 'trade with real money' and deposit £1. After this, you (and I) each get a share in a company worth up to £100. Going by the comments on Facebook, most people get a share between £10-£30, though a few people have got higher than that. I got £14ish (plus your £1 back, that doesn't go anywhere).

Takes a few days before you can sell it, but I signed up about a week ago with my friend's referral code, got a share in Bed, Bath and Beyond which I sold a few days ago (had rose a little in profit) and £15 went into my account today.

All very easy money, and though I'm pretty sceptical of sharing my bank details, an FCA registered stockbroker seemed pretty legit. Just sharing incase anyone's interested - you have to sign up with a referral code to get the offer - and I'm a young struggling single mother at university and working so every little helpsblush (definitely don't work for the company - not sure this is actually the purpose of the offer wink name changed due to sensitive last post but old Korean lady, bum towel, cancel the cheque etc).

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